The GRACEAC 5/6 Football program is individual-athlete focused by cultivating skill development
of all participants.  Player-skill development is to be this program’s priority.

The 5/6 Football program will promote GRACEAC’s values of (a) provide a valuable sports experience for our young student-
athletes (b) developing the cadre of skilled football-athletes for its High School programs and (c) the esprit-decor of participating in a team-sport, and (d) dignity and respect.

The focus of the 5/6 tackle football program is to teach basics to as many of the individual athlete as practical. It is also to provide a fun and rewarding experience and promote the return of athletes to the game as they age. It provides a team opportunity, and extends GRACEAC’s Catholic fellowship ministry for both youth and adults.

Coaches are to encourage athletes in numerous positions. Children mature at divergent rates. As a result, a skilled 5
th/6th offensive lineman may mature into an excellent skilled back.  GRACEAC values coaching to this potential at the 5th/6th level.