2 Divisions for each grade (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th)
Divisions will be “A”/”B”
Team Sub-division placement:
Based on prior year percent of games won (for non-merged teams or consistent/returning-merged teams only)
Team placement in sub-division for new teams/non-consistent merged teams: determined by interim commissioner
For teams that register after AUG8, Sub-division placement at discretion of interim commissioner
9 match season (assuming no blackout dates/cancellations)
Conference Standings: Percentage of games won.
–PLUS– Mid-season tournament (round robin)
–PLUS– seeded post-season tournament for each division/sub-division
Qualifying for post-season tournament: Top 8 teams in each division/sub-division
Seeding criteria: (a) percentage of (regular season), match wins, (b) head-to-head matchups (regular season), (c ) total games won, (d) hat draw.
Improved communication: A ‘TEAM’ will be created in TS for all VB coaches to use for ‘in-season’ chat/questions/etc. ADs will be on this ‘team’ and must add their own coaches to this teams’ roster.

See GRACEAC Handbook

Season Dates:
Pre-season (practices can start): AUG 8
Season (games): SEP6-OCT15
Mid-season (round robin) Tournament: SEP24