Girls Lacrosse

The GRACEAC 3rd/4th Lacrosse program introduces organized lacrosse for 3rd/4th grade student athletes. The focus of this program is to learn the basics of the game and most of all to have FUN. It provides a team opportunity, and extends GRACEAC’s reach for its Catholic fellowship ministries to participating youth and adult volunteers.

Coaches need to be especially attuned to the age and need for a less competitive nature. Coaches are to encourage all players to play numerous positions on both offense and defense. This makes the game more fun and interesting, and grows enthusiasm for future participation in this great sport. Encourage parents to attend practices and games and to be supportive and good sports.

All skill levels welcome! No experience needed.

Equipment required: lacrosse stick,
goggles and mouth guard.

Season: Six weeks starting in April. No more than one hour twice per week. Practices/games on TUE/THRs.  Focus on skills and sportsmanship. Games will be played against surrounding area schools.