Boys & girls track field


GRACEAC track operates as a school-based team sport. This means that GRACEAC runs a league where the member schools compete against one another. Track athletes are separated into two categories - juniors (5th & 6th graders) and seniors (7th & 8th graders). Thus, there are four divisions for each event - junior boys, junior girls, senior boys, and senior girls.

As a school-based team sport, team specifics are determined at the school level. This includes who the coach is, when/where practices are held, uniforms, etc. GRACEAC sets the rules and game schedules. There will be four track meets held at West Catholic High School. Those dates are to be determined, and will be released as soon as possible.

GRACEAC track takes place in the spring season. Practices may begin on Monday, March 14. Teams are limited to four practices/8 hours of practice per week in the preseason, and three practices/6 hours of practice per week once games begin. The regular season will begin the week of April 18, after Spring Break and Holy Week. The postseason tournaments will be finished no later than May 26.