About Us

History of GRACEAC

Since 1982, the Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council (GRACEAC) has partnered with West Michigan member schools/organizations to provide quality athletic programs to students. While fostering Christian virtues, GRACEAC maintains athletic policies for the Diocese of Grand Rapids and its member schools/organizations.

GRACEAC is a member school organization staffed by a Diocesan Commissioner and sponsored by the Grand Rapids Office of Catholic Schools. It is supported by the GRACEAC Executive Committee and the GRACEAC Representative Council. Our policies promote competitive yet compassionate sports, focusing on the development of the student athlete, not the win/loss column. GRACEAC empowers students to develop sportsmanship, responsibility, and commitment to team. The focus of GRACEAC is to:

● Maintain policies and procedures that provide uniformity across its athletic programs.
● Increase educational value of its member schools/organizations.
● Regulate competition that aligns with Christian values.

GRACEAC has created this handbook to:

● Define GRACEAC operational procedures and policies, and delineate roles and responsibilities of all GRACEAC participants.
● Guide member schools/organizations, principals, athletic directors, and coaches in executing their athletic programs.
● Foster Catholic/Christian values of responsibility and commitment to God, team and sportsmanship.